Top Budget Hotels in Christchurch

We don’t like to call them cheap hotels given that the word cheap is not appropriate for the level of service and accommodation these providers offer. We encourage everyone to visit Christchurch, even those who are on a budget but are keen to experience what the city has to offer.

To help you out, here is a list of the top budget hotels here in the city.

Kiwi Basecamp

Kiwi Basecamp is a top hotel of choice for backpackers coming to Christchurch. It is easy to get accommodation and the location is nearby mountain ranges. This small hotel offers a great view of the landscape including mountains and long stretches of green space.

Kiwi Basecamp is also applauded for having the friendliest and most accommodating hotel staff in the city. The hotel is only a couple of minutes away from Victoria Street on foot. To make things better, they offer free meals to all of their guests.

Top Budget Hotels in Christchurch hotel room - Top Budget Hotels in Christchurch

JUCY Snooze

It is going to be JUCY for everyone. JUCY Snooze is one of the hippest hotels in Christchurch with colourful interior designs and facilities. The hotel has a spacious lounge for people to interact and sit around. There is also a huge kitchen where they can cook meals inspired by global cuisine.

JUCY Snooze is near the Christchurch airport so staying here means eliminating the hassle of airport transfer to and from the city.

Clearview Lodge

This small hotel has its own swimming pool and quite the spacious recreational space. This hotel also has its own Pinot Noir Vineyards, olive groves and fruit orchards. The Clearview Lodge is only 20 minutes away from the centre of the city. The closest landmark is the Cavendish Business Park.

There are dozens ofhotels out there that would suit your budget and preferences. If you need more information about these hotels and accommodation options, contact us today here at Tudor Court. We look forward to helping you out.