Essential Travel Applications for your Trip to New Zealand

If you are going to New Zealand, keep in mind that there is so much you can do in the country. First, you need to choose from different cities to visit because each city has something to offer and by something, we mean several great destinations and activities.

Here are some mobile applications you need to download right now to make your trip to New Zealand more memorable and awesome.

Camper Mate

This is your one-stop shop when it comes to travelling to New Zealand. This application offers more than 100,000 points of interest for you to consider visiting. We are talking about activities, destinations, entertainment and events.

You can also book offered activities and tour packages right here. Camper Mate is perfect for backpackers who are planning to visit more than one city in New Zealand. If you are going to use this app, make sure to keep an eye on special deals and discounts.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is the flag carrier airline of New Zealand. Here you can book both flights and hotel accommodation. The application will also help you monitor your flight details easily.

You can also check out flight’s delays making sure you are fully aware of the status of your flight. Just like with Camper Mate, keep an eye out for special deals and promos.

Trip Journal

If you want to make your trip to New Zealand memorable, then why not document everything from start to finish. Trip Journal will help you document, record and share your travel experiences with your loved ones back home.

At the end of your trip, you can look back and revisit every memory you now have. We are not just talking about photos by the way. We are talking about the ability of basically writing a diary of your entire trip digitally.

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