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about tudorcourt - About Us

Tudor Court was founded by local repairman Morgan Howarthback in 2014. Howard was born and raised in Christchurch and he knew the city like the back of his hands. The story of how he started one of the most successful business stories in all of Christchurch is always a great story to hear.

March 2014

Back in March 2014, Howarth was working late and had to clock out late. On his way home to Edgeware, he met a family of four, mother, father and two little boys. The family asked him if he knew any cheap hotels to stay for the night.

Howarth recalled that the parents, again and again, repeated that they can only afford a cheap hotel. So, Howarth directed them to a nearby motel just a couple of km ahead. After a week, while working, Howarth was visited at work by the family he helped out.

They paid him a visit to show their appreciation face to face. Howarth found out that the family lost all of their money and belongings while travelling from Australia to New Zealand and only had a couple of dollars.

May 2014

After nearly two months, Howarth started a travel blog that is mainly focused on experiences and accommodation here in Christchurch. In the first couple of months, the blog generated more than 800 readers.

From then on, the blog became a travel agency helping people finalise their travel arrangements and accommodation in Christchurch. To this day, Tudor Court is one of the most trusted travel agencies in New Zealand. The business is yet to expand to nearby cities.

If you need help with your accommodation in Christchurch, contact us today or better yet, subscribe to our blog.